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5 Ways to Transform Your Home This Year

If you have been dreaming of giving your home a makeover, this is the year to finally make it happen. We are sharing 5 ways to transform your home and achieve that new look you have always wanted. Make this the year to stop dreaming and start doing when it comes to your home. Cheers to 2019!

Do Your Research

Take a deep look into your home. What is working? What isn’t? Is this something you can do yourself or do you need to hire out? Do your research and make a plan before you start to change it up. This is going to save you money in the end by doing it right the first time and avoiding big mistakes. In summary: do your research and make a plan.

Invest in Items You Love

Buy things you love, don’t settle. If you are on the fence about purchasing something, wait. Give it some extra thought and make sure you absolutely want it in your home. There is no sense buying something with the mindset of replacing it down the road. Now, imagine if your home was ONLY filled with items you loved……how amazing and fulfilling would that be to live in?

Try Something New

If you are reading this, chances are you love interior design and expose yourself to TONS of design photos to get your creative juices flowing. In those photos, you most likely see things you love and want to use but haven’t quite bit the bullet and incorporated them into your home yet. We are challenging you to just go for it! Try out a new fabric pattern, color or furniture layout put all those inspiration photos you love to good use.

Add Your Personality

Sure, we see the photos of beautiful homes online and we want to live there. So we buy all the things from the store and style them perfectly but something important is missing…..nothing in your home reflects your life and the people in it. Displaying personal photos is important. Displaying memorable souvenirs is important. Adding personal items scattered a little here and there will allow your home to tell your story.

Interior Design
Source: The Ivory Lane

Pay Attention to the Details

The little things you use everyday are going to make a big impact on how you see your house everyday. The soaps, towels, dinnerware, hardware, blankets, etc. are small compared to the big purchases like a sofa, bed or dining table but they are so important to the overall look of your home. These are the finishing touches that ultimately reflect your style. Keep them pretty and useful!

Interior Design
Source: Artistic Tile

Do your research, invest in things you love, try something new, personalize your home and remember that the details are so important. Transforming your home into a place you have always dreamed about can happen if you use these tips wisely this year. If you need more detailed help, start a project with one of our fabulous designers and give your home the makeover you have been dreaming about!

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