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Reader Q&A: Kitchens

We asked our readers to tell us what dilemmas they face concerning their kitchens. Read on as we dive into 3 different questions concerning countertop styling, seating and upgrading builder-grade!


Kitchen Cabinets

Question: "What barstools would look best with these cabinets? I do not want to paint them white because I am loving the warm wood tones, but trying to stay with a modern farmhouse style." -K.

Answer: Although we see so many people painting their wood cabinets white, we love your decision to keep the warm wood because it is absolutely beautiful! Having the countertops, walls and backsplash light helps keep the space more modern and bright which is working in your favor. To help keep that same look flow into the stools, we have 3 options that will all work with what you currently have. The first option is a backless counter stool that has a wood frame and style that is very similar to the cabinets. These will actually blend into the island which won't be very noticeable. If you want the focal point on the cabinets, this would be a great option to consider. The second option is very typical for a modern farmhouse kitchen. The white pairs beautifully with the cabinets and lighter accents in the room, plus the clean, simple lines help keep it looking modern. Since these have a high back, this option will be more of a focal point compared to option #1. The third option will instantly put the "modern" into your modern farmhouse style. These are bright, sleek and will add an unexpected element to the space. All of these stools will look great but each option could dramatically change the look and feel of the room, so the stool you should choose should ultimately depend on what direction you want the room to go!

Kitchen Bar Stools


Kitchen Reader QA

Question: "I'm having trouble accessorizing my counters, can you help?" -T.

Answer: The first step in the styling process is to clear off your countertops. Keep the things you absolutely need on the counter and put away items that you don't absolutely need. Our philosophy: less is best. Too much stuff on the counter can make a kitchen feel claustrophobic so this is a necessary step. Next, separate the items you need to have into groups. Try not to have more than 3-4 groups overall and try to keep only 1 group per counter. We would suggest placing a taller plant to the right of the sink to fill up some of that blank wall next to the fridge. Group the plant with your hand soap and essential items you need next to the sink. For the long, peninsula counter, we suggest a large tray to hold multiple items to add height, interest and dimension. Add cute cookbooks you might have laying around, potted herbs and a pop of color or pattern with a folded towel or cloth napkins. The tray will also be a great spot to store odds and ends that you find on the counter. Over by the "office" portion of the counters, we would add a basket to store anything laying around that needs to be out (mail, phone chargers, lotion, pens, etc.). We love your black calendar so that could be grouped with the basket in a corner. The last step is to think about all the little things you use daily in the kitchen that are out on the counter and always look for a prettier version of it when you are shopping, whether it is hand soap, lotion, towels, paper towel holders, etc.) Happy Decorating!

Kitchen Counter Interior Design


Kitchen Interior Design

Question: "What can I do to upgrade or add character to my standard builder-grade kitchen without spending too much money or changing the cabinets?" -H.

Answer: This is a great question because the majority of people in the world are buying homes with a standard kitchen that they didn't personally customize. Your kitchen is pretty basic but there are some items you can add that will instantly add character and make it feel more unique. The biggest project would be to add lighting above the island. This will create a big focal point! The next project would be to add a backsplash. The countertops are dark but the walls are light, so we suggest using a dark and textured backsplash that will warm up the space. We LOVE this stone backsplash option because it is a peel and stick which is easy to install and budget-friendly. Next, add in some fun seating at the island with a pop of color. Add a runner in front of the stove for more texture and a pop of color in the hand towels. Last, finish it off with fresh greenery!

Kitchen Interior Design

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