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4 Areas to Accommodate a Small Home Office

You may not have the space for a full office in your home, but that doesn't mean you have to go without! All you need is a small section of a room to achieve a functional workspace. Read on to see how you can transform 4 different areas in your home to accommodate a small home office.

1. Entryway

If your work needs only a few items and a desk, then adding a home office in an entryway is a great solution! Use a small writing desk or console table along a wall and a chair nearby for easy access. Floating shelves also take up minimal space and fit in tiny nooks to create a desk and provide storage space. These small spaces can look stylish and welcoming even when not being used for work. Here are some tips on how to transition an entry console table from stylish decor to functional workspace.

Creating a Home Office

2. Living Room

If you like to work by a TV, or be in a social setting, the living room is a perfect place to add a small home office. Adding a desk along an empty wall or under a window works great. Not enough wall space? Place your desk behind the sofa. A small desk can even replace an end table in a studio apartment or other small space. EXTRA TIP: Use an upholstered chair for the desk to double as conversational seating in the room.

3. Dining Room

A dining room can pull double-duty by serving as an office during the day and a dining room at night. A large dining table is perfect for work projects with a large number of supplies. Simply move a few chairs to another room or along the wall and you have a big tabletop to work with. If you don't need that much space, then try using a vertical desk unit along one of the walls to create a workspace. Easy and convenient! EXTRA TIP: This is a great solution if you only use your dining room a few times a year.

4. Bedroom

The bedroom is quiet and relaxing and can be a great space to have a office area. Add a desk along a blank wall or even as a replacement for a nightstand if you are really short on space. Make sure to use furniture that flows with the style of the bedroom so your small home office doesn't stick out like a sore thumb!

There you have it! Four different areas to create a small home office. We’d love to help YOU design your home! Whether your room needs a quick refresh, or a complete overhaul, the SwatchPop! designers will create a look you’ll love in just 3-5 business days, starting at only $49.95. And yes…your SwatchPop! Design Solution includes a clickable shopping list of products handpicked for your style and budget. So simple! What’s next on your decorating to-do list? Get started now!

Happy Decorating!

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