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How to Decorate Above the Bed

You know that space above your bed that keeps begging to be decorated but you just can’t decide on what to do with it? Don’t worry, we are here to help! Read on to learn how to decorate that space above your bed in 8 different ways.

How to Decorate Above A Bed - Large Scale Art

1. Large Scale Art

How to Decorate Above A Bed - Large Scale Art

​This is probably the most common way to decorate this space. One large piece of art will create a big focal point. This is a great option if your current headboard has a simple style and isn’t already the main focal point in the room.

2. Round Shaped Item

How to Decorate Above A Bed - Round Shaped Item

Items that are curved often soften a room and the space above the bed is a great spot for this. Try a large, round mirror centered above the bed or a fun, sunburst mirror for more character. Clocks and juju hats are also great options!

3. Accent Wall

How to Decorate Above A Bed - Accent Wall

Consider decorating the whole wall behind the bed to create an accent wall. This can be done with wallpaper, custom woodwork, or even just a can of paint!

4. Row of Frames

How to Decorate Above A Bed - Row of Frames

​Try a pair of frames, or 3 or even 4! Make sure the frames are evenly spaced and the artwork or photographs in the frames are cohesive to one another.

5. Gallery Wall

How to Decorate Above A Bed - Gallery Wall

This option is fun and can be done in various ways. For a more formal and cohesive look, use the same frames for everything. If you want more of an electric and fun look, use a variety of different frames. Consider a gallery wall if you want to make a big statement and have plenty of wall space.

6. Use a Shelf

How to Decorate Above A Bed - Use a Shelf

​If you look the look of a row of frames above the bed but also love the character of a gallery wall, then a wall shelf is the perfect mix for you! The benefit of this option is that decor can be rearranged and updated often and easily.

7. Side Art

​Leave the space above the bed empty and decorate the sides. Use mirrors, artwork, or a few frames to fill the wall above the nightstands. This is a great option if your current bed has a unique shape and is already a great focal point in the room.

8. Do Nothing

How to Decorate Above A Bed - Do Nothing

​Often people feel the need to decorate every little space and it ends up looking too cluttered and takes the focus off the pretty elements already in the room. Remember: a blank wall can be a good thing! If you have a beautiful chandelier or a unique bed or great windows on the wall, then let those shine!

Now you’re ready to decorate above your bed like a pro! But, if you want to make it really easy on yourself, let our professional interior designers decorate for you with products that are handpicked for YOUR style and budget in only 3 business days! Our virtual design services start at just $49.95, so get started today! Whether your room needs a simple refresh, or a complete overhaul, we can make your Pinterest dreams a reality!

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