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Reader Q&A: Bedrooms

We asked our readers to tell us what dilemmas they face concerning their bedrooms. Read on as we dive into 3 different questions concerning a blank wall, arranging furniture and how to start decorating from scratch!


Question: "How do I decorate in the empty space? One piece of art looks awkward, while a couple of pieces look too busy. My bed is on the opposite wall. I've contemplated moving our bed but it would cover up the windows resulting in too much darkness. Please help!" -Leah

Answer: First off, we need to address the window treatments. Move the curtain rods closer to the ceiling and get new curtains that extend all the way to the ground. This will help frame the windows better and make the ceiling appear taller. Once that is done, we can address the wall between the windows! The first option is a bookcase. This provides dimension and texture to the wall and gives you plenty of space to personalize the space with decor. The second option is to add a pair of artwork. The overall dimensions of the artwork should be of similar shape and size of the windows. This works really here because it creates a continuous flow across the entire wall.


Question: "I need help with furniture! How many pieces should I have? Should I get bigger nightstands? It feels like if I add pieces it will be cluttered. Help!" - Kate

Answer: Scale is everything. The current furniture in the room is all a little bit too small. The nightstands could be a little bit longer. The frames above the nightstand are too far from the nightstands so it feels a bit disconnected. Once the nightstand is longer, the frames and the nightstand will feel more in sync with each other. The curtains need to be extended all the way to the wall to make the wall feel longer and feel less cluttered. Replace the small wood piece of furniture that is currently in front of the curtains with a softer bench. The bench is more practical and will soften and lengthen the room.


Question: "I am moving into a new home and want to completely start from scratch in decorating my master bedroom. I have no idea where to start and what I should buy first!" -Michelle

Answer: We have the perfect blog post for you about how to start decorating a room! You can read it HERE! Besides the blog post, one of the best pieces of advice we have for you is to start by finding one or two items that you absolutely love. It could be a rug or pillow to help narrow down the color scheme and style. It could be a bed or chandelier that is a little higher end but you absolutely love and will keep forever. This will help start the design of the room and give you some direction for the rest of the pieces. If you need more help, hiring an online designer will help put your vision together and give you a plan!

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