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Kiss Your Keys Goodbye (and never look back!)

Last month, we installed Delaney Hardware's Z-Wave Smartlock on our back door and it's been a complete game-changer! Going key-free has been so liberating, especially in my busy home with three kids coming and going!

My primary motivation for the smartlock was simply ditching the key for myself. But I've been using the smart lock for the few months and I've discovered so many other amazing conveniences I never even thought of!

Just a few examples of my key-free life:

I set a special one-time code for my cleaning crew when I couldn't make it home in time to let them in.

I called my neighbors with the code when I was out of town and needed them to bring a package inside.

My kids are using the code to let themselves in without keeping up with a key, or hiding one in the yard.

Life is just EASIER without the key. And I'm for anything that makes life easier! Doesn't hurt that just like all of Delaney's door hardware, this smartlock looks fantastic!

Technology is moving into our homes and adding so many conveniences to our daily routines. Delaney's Z-Wave Camera Bridge also lets you see who's coming and going, and you can unlock the door directly from your smartphone.

Y'all, I can't say enough about our decision to go keyless. It's a total game changer! You can get your Z-Wave Smartlock on MAJOR SALE at Lowe's for July 15th - 16th. Don't miss this!

Ditch the key and let us know what you think!

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