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How To Add Style to your Home with Kids Around

Are you putting off your next home makeover because you still have kids at home? You aren’t alone. This is a common thing but it doesn’t have to be. Kids don’t have to be your reason for putting off a home that is full of style. We want to teach you how to add style to your home even when you have kids around!

Have Decor Kids Can Touch

Not all decor has to be breakable and not everything has to be off-limits for kids. Consider adding decorative items like tabletop games, decorative boxes, beads, faux plants and books. These are items that really are made to be touched and not made of materials that could easily break. Stay away from glass items or anything you will constantly be telling your kids to stay away from.

Make Ceiling Lighting a Statement

Consider splurging on ceiling lights in your house and make those the focal points in the home. These are out-of-reach of little hands and add so much style. Table lamps can be easily knocked over by kids but ceiling lights won’t be. This is hands-down our best advice to get major style in a room with kids.

Buy Rounded Furniture

Avoid sharp corners when possible. Plenty of beautiful furniture have rounded edges, so this is definitely not sacrificing style at all. Instead of a sharp-cornered, rectangular coffee table, consider a round or oval table or maybe even an oversized cocktail ottoman. Same goes for end tables, dining tables or dressers where it could be dangerous for younger kids.

Find the Right Fabrics & Tools

Gone are the days of not being able to have high-style, upholstered furniture with kids! Performance fabrics are available almost everywhere which are super durable and stain, mold and water resistant. Also, stain remover cleaners work so well on non-performance fabrics. There are also spray-on protectants that you can purchase yourself to keep fabrics safe.

Use Baskets with Lids

Toys, diapers, crafts and school supplies are essential to a home with kids but that doesn’t mean they have to be seen. Baskets are amazing to gather and organize all of these needs but, when possible, use lids. Lids will take your style to another level to hide the “unpretty” items but still keep them accessible.

Give Kids Their Own Seats

Give your kids an extra spot to sit that is all their own. Poufs and ottomans are small and kids often think it is fun to sit on rather than the sofa. These can be inexpensive and made of materials that are easy to clean. There are a ton of beautiful options too that can add so much style to a room.

Pick Easy-to-Clean Dining Seats

This may seem obvious but not every thing you sit on needs to be upholstered to have style. Make your life easier with dining chairs and kitchen island stools that can easily wipe clean. There needs to be contrast in textures anyways when decorating so incorporating easy-to-clean, hard-surface chairs is really important to provide that texture against the upholstered items in the home.

Leave Spaces Empty

Empty spaces are a necessary thing, which means not every table needs decor on top. If you have a coffee table filled with decor, then leave the accent tables empty if they are small. Sometimes a tabletop needs to be empty to show off the beauty of the table itself.

Decorate Up High

Use common sense and keep your breakables out-of-reach. For example, the bottom section of a bookcase can be lidded baskets storing items that kids are allowed to touch, then style the top part of the bookcase how you want with major style. Consider adding built-ins where the bottoms can be closed cabinetry where this could easily be done.

Put Safety First

Give your furniture and decor an extra sense of support for kids with some quick fixes. Secure your heavy furniture to the wall with brackets to prevent them from tipping over. Use wall adhesive to secure wall decor (along with the recommended nails/screws). Wall adhesive also helps keep frames and art from getting crooked on the wall from little hands touching them. Switch window treatments to cordless which are much safer. Keeping your kids safe is 100% more important than style but you can do both if you choose safety first.

We hope these tips inspire you to not wait until your kids are grown to finally decorate. If you want a home with style, then just go for it. Love the home you’re in now and enjoy this stage of life with kids. If you need more custom, kid-friendly help with your next makeover, our designers are anxious and willing to help!

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