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6 Ways to Decorate a Corner

Decorating corners can be tricky. They don’t need anything too big. They also shouldn’t have anything that is too small. They aren’t the focal point of a room either but they still need to be eye-catching yet not overpowering. See? Corners can be tricky, but don’t worry because we have 6 great options to consider when decorating a corner. Here we go!

#1The Perfect Plant

Plants add dimension and a pop of color to a corner. Consider a tall floor plant for extra height or a medium-sized plant on a stand.
TIP: If your corner has windows, choose a plant that need a lot of sunlight.

#2 Style a Table

If a corner is large enough for more than one item, a round table is a wonderful option to consider. A table gives you the opportunity to style the top with books, plants or objects to add character.
TIP: The items on the table should be of varying heights to create visual interest.

#3Take a Seat

Adding an accent chair to fill a corner will create a cozy spot that is inviting. Also, creating a variety of seating options will actually make a room feel bigger and give function to the corner.
TIP: If your corner is small, choose a small-scale chair because an oversized chair will look out of place.

#4Light It Up

Adding more light to a room is always a good idea. Floor lamps can easily fill up a space, be functional and add the perfect height.
TIP: If your corner is large, consider a lamp with a big base (like a tripod lamp) to take up more area.

#5Fill The Walls

If you don’t want to overwhelm the corner with anything too big, focus only on the walls. Artwork, framed photographs, photo ledges or mirrors are all good options to consider.
TIP: If you choose to put wall decor on both walls, either have the art the same on both walls or a complete contrast.

#6Ignore The Corner

Instead of trying to fill up the entire corner, consider focusing on one of the walls. Try a piece of furniture with art above or wall decor with an ottoman underneath.
TIP: If one of the walls is a little longer, use that one to help make it more prominent.

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