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5 Styling Tricks to Take Your Home to the Next Level

Furniture is a big part of decorating a home, but styling with accessories is always the cherry on top! Understanding and implementing the art of good styling is what will ultimately transform your home. We partnered with one of our favorite furniture and décor brands, Arhaus, to share 5 helpful styling tricks to take your home to the next level.

1. Display One Unexpected Item

Include something in your décor collection that will instantly grab attention. Among all of your basic styling pieces, add a piece that is both memorable and unique. It could be an item that has a different color or style from the rest of the décor in the room, or something personal and sentimental that sparks conversation. Whatever it is, make sure that item is unexpected, yet wonderful.

EXAMPLES: A colorful object, antique item, fun statue, or a meaningful, handwritten letter in a frame

2. Introduce A New Texture

Contrast is key in decorating. Using a variety of textures in your styling approach will add interest and dimension to your room. Instead of using the same materials in all of your accessories, mix it up and introduce a new texture to keep your space feeling fresh and new.

EXAMPLES: Woven baskets, ceramic vases, glass cloches, wooden beads, or metal accessories

3. Don’t Overuse Your Favorite Items

Sometimes, too much of the same thing can be bad. We strongly encourage using your favorite pieces when styling, but in a way that highlights and showcases them. When you use too much of the same item, it can take away from the uniqueness of your décor approach. Let your favorites have their own moments and fill in the rest of your space with contrasting yet complimenting pieces.

EXAMPLES: Too many picture frames in one spot, the same type of plant in every room, or a bookshelf featuring several different decorative vases.

4. Add One More Layer

The best styling is created through layering quality pieces together, which culminates into a look that feels collected over time. For example, start with a tray and add a stack of hardcover books on top, then layer a small bowl on top of the books. Add a potted plant next to the books, and finish off the look with a strand of beads. Choose items of different heights, shapes, and textures to get a designer look that feels interesting, intentional and balanced.

EXAMPLES: Pillows on furniture, a throw blanket on the arm of a chair, greenery stems in a vase, or framed art leaning over another piece of art

5. Leave Some Breathing Room

This might sound like we are contradicting ourselves right after we advised to add more layers, but we promise this is different. Leaving some breathing room in your decor doesn’t necessarily mean you have to take a minimalistic approach to styling, it means to group, gather and layer in a way that creates vignettes in your room. Creating empty spaces between vignettes allows your décor to be showcased rather than getting lost in a mass of clutter.

EXAMPLES: Grouping décor into four sections on a square coffee table, adding a tray to gather odds and ends on a console table, or leaving some open space around accessories displayed on a bookshelf.

Be sure to check out all of the amazing furniture and décor from Arhaus, then try these styling tips out in your own home!

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