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5 Quick and Easy Kitchen Updates

Is your kitchen in need of a refresh but not an entire remodel?

Is your kitchen in need of an entire remodel but now isn’t the time?

If you said yes to either of these questions, this post is for you. Not every home has the same needs but every room could use a quick refresh and the kitchen is no exception. We are sharing 5 quick and easy project ideas that you can do to update your kitchen!

1. Add a New Rug

Nothing is easier to update in a kitchen than a rug. Even though rugs are super easy to change, a rug is a really big deal aesthetically. The colors and patterns in a kitchen are normally inspired by the rug so switching out the rug can ultimately change the entire vibe and color scheme of a kitchen. The good news is that small rugs and runners can be fairly inexpensive so don’t be afraid to try out new patterns and colors every so often.

2. Switch Up the Hardware

Hardware is usually referred to as the jewelry in a kitchen. If you can use a screwdriver, switching up the hardware can be a super simple weekend project that you can do yourself. Just make sure to use the same size drawer pulls so they don’t require any extra drilling. This is a fun way to mix metals or styles instantly in the kitchen.

3. Paint Something

Paint is a powerful tool, even in the kitchen. When you think of paint projects, most envision a big dramatic full room makeover, but we want to share smaller project ideas. Maybe consider a two-toned kitchen by painting the island cabinets a contrasting color to the main cabinets. Consider painting the pantry door to be more of a statement. Or if you have glass front cabinets, paint the inside of the cabinets for a pop of color. We have even seen ceilings painted in the kitchen for a bold change. So many options for paint!

4. Replace the Lighting

The right lighting in a room can be magical and one of the first things people notice so consider this the biggest and quickest kitchen update. Pendant lights can be easily replaced with the right knowledge and/or help. The finish, size and style of a light can influence the overall vibe of the kitchen so switching up the lights can instantly feel like a brand new kitchen.

5. Restyle the Countertops

Countertops take up a large portion of a kitchen so a simple restyle of the items displayed can make a dramatic change. The first step to restyling is to clear off your countertops and put away anything that isn’t necessary. Next, take what is left and gather them into groups. Then, switch out any items that are left with things that could be prettier. That could be switching out a plastic oil bottle with an elegant glass bottle or a sophisticated set of salt and pepper shakers that coordinate better with your kitchen. The little things like these will make a huge difference aesthetically.

Do you need help giving your kitchen a refresh? Our designers can help pick out the perfect runner, accessories for your countertops, fabulous lighting or recommend a paint color. Start your project today!

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