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10 No-Cost Decorating Tips

Are you wanting to give your home a makeover but your budget is too tight or maybe even nonexistent? Don't fret because decorating can start at home without even stepping foot inside a store. To help get you started, we are sharing our top 10 NO-COST decorating tips!

1. Move Furniture Around

Out of all the low-budget decorating tips available, rearranging furniture can make the biggest impact in a room. If your furniture is up against the wall, move it away from the wall and let it breathe. Try moving your sofa to face a different wall. Place your bed along a different wall. Put a chair in a different corner of the room. Maybe your bookshelves or dresser would look better in a different part of the room. Play around with different furniture arrangements and see what you like. Better yet, live with it for at least a day to see if the new arrangement works!

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2. Frame the Unexpected

When things are displayed for a long period of time, they lose their impact in a room and get overlooked. Go through picture frames and switch out your current photos or art. There are so many free options to consider to replace them with too. Try some of these ideas:

  • old personal photographs
  • DIY artwork
  • online free printables
  • maps
  • souvenirs
  • wallpaper samples

3. Hide the Cords

Cords are taking over homes and, although they are necessary, they don't always need to be in plain sight. Use zip ties to hold and gather extra long cords. If possible, try placing a piece of furniture or decor in front of an outlet to make the socket and cords less visible. Run cords along the back and legs of furniture with clear adhesive hooks to avoid loose, messy cords. Give all cords a concealed storage spot when not in use and make it a habit to put them away when finished.

Hide Cords
Source: Hi Sugarplum

4. Give Something a New Home

If you love an item so much in another room, move it to a different room and let it shine. Maybe you have a great pillow in your bedroom that you want to move to the living room. Maybe you have an extra end table that would look perfect by the chair in the bedroom. Same thing with table lamps, throw blankets, rugs, artwork, and anything else you have in your home. Basically, you are shopping your own home.

Give Something A New Home
Source: Suburban B's

5. Update the Books

Books are such a versatile styling tool. They can be stacked, lined or displayed for a ton of different decorating options. Before spending a lot of money on new books, use what you have on hand. Take off dust covers to reveal beautiful hardcovers (even if they are textbook or cooking books). If the color of the covers don't fit with your room's color scheme, simply turn the books around to show the pages for a neutral look.

Update Books Interior Design
Source: Amber Interiors

6. Group Items Together

There is power in numbers, especially in decor. One or two pillows would look great on a sofa but imagine if you added 2 more.....this would create more of a focal point. Take this same concept throughout your entire home. Maybe you have a few decorative pieces scattered on your coffee table that could be grouped together on a tray to create a stunning arrangement. Maybe you have furniture that is spaced too far apart that could be moved closer together. Grouping will ultimately make a home more visually appealing.

Groupping Interior Design Items
Source: Living Spaces

7. Organize Your Closet

You are probably thinking your closet is the last space that needs an update but you are in this room EVERY day so it definitely deserves a makeover! The best part about updating a closet is that it doesn't require anything fancy or expensive and there are many things you can do that don't even cost a cent. First, organize your clothes by categories and then by colors. This is simple and small but beautiful and efficient. Second, use all the same hangers and even if you don't want to spend money on new hangers, use the same kind of hangers on each category for a more organized look.

8. Start From Scratch

The best thing you can do to decorate without spending any money is to start with a blank space. Whether it is a tabletop, wall or an entire room, remove everything and look at the space with new eyes. When you live in a room for a long period of time, it is hard to accept change and realize it could actually look a different way. Starting with a blank space will help gain that new decorating perspective.

Restarting Interior Design

9. Make a Gallery Wall

Creating a gallery wall is a great example of grouping items together, framing the unexpected and giving something a new home. If you take all the scattered or unorganized frames around the house and place them together on one wall, it will make a big impact in a space. Changing the artwork inside the frames with pieces that all coordinate (think black and white, pops of blue, travel photos, etc.) will look great together.

Gallery Wall
Source: Homey Oh My

10. Display Something Fresh

We always love to finish off a space with something fresh to give it a more approachable and lived-in look. This can be done without spending a cent either. Try using an old vase, mason jar, drinking glass or pitcher to hold greenery stems from your yard or fresh flowers when they are blooming. It could also be a pretty cake stand or bowl with fresh fruit, vegetables or baked goods. Be creative and use what you have!

Display Something Fresh

We hope these tips inspired you to update an area in your home, regardless of budget. So, if you are wanting to decorate but your budget is too tight, try these 10 tips and get started today!

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