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How To Love Your Home When It Isn’t Perfect

Do you love your home? I mean, really truly love the space you live in? Many people answer no because their homes are still a work in progress. Our goal is to help you love your home even when it isn’t perfect, so we are going to teach you how to achieve just that!

Stop Comparing

When looking for design ideas, the professionally designed homes featured online might look newer, bigger or fancier than your current home, which can be discouraging. The comparison game is a tough one. However, we love this quote by Tom Hiller:

“Don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle, or your middle to someone else's end.”

Everyone is in different stages of life and homes often reflect those stages. Maybe you have young kids and can’t decorate with cute or fragile things in reach of little fingers. Maybe you are trying to save money for a big life event and can’t renovate your outdated kitchen in the next couple years. Whatever it is, everyone has been there. Accept your stage, see the good in it and don’t get discouraged by others who aren’t there with you.

Don’t Forget About You

After you add all the necessary furniture, lighting and decor you need in your home, add something you absolutely love. This sounds obvious, but you would be surprised at how many people don’t do this. Maybe you absolutely love the color pink but are afraid not everyone will love it too….just do it! Don’t paint the entire walls pink, but maybe one pink throw pillow OR blanket. Maybe you want to add a personal photo of your family on the wall but are afraid it isn’t popular these days to display them….just do it! When you walk into the room and see these things, you will smile because you know how much YOU love them.

Make it Tidy

Even if your home isn’t as perfect as you want it to be, we 100% believe that you should still treat it as if it is perfect. Make your home the best you can, where you are with what you have. One way you can do this is by making it a habit to keep your home clean and tidy. When your home is tidy, it allows you to focus on your favorite aspects of your home. See the good!

Get Excited About Something

Always have a project going on, even if it is just re-styling a shelf or finding inspiration for your next room makeover. The process of updating a home can and should be exciting. Each finished project should make you love your home a little more because you put your time and effort into each one. So even if your home isn’t perfect, enjoy the journey of getting your home to where you eventually want it to be.

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