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The Solution

Hi Angela!

You have chosen some beautiful furniture to start this room! This home office has so much potential and can be a magazine worthy room. I have provided 2 options below. Thank you for the opportunity to help design another room for you!

Heather Hess

room layout

To allow better flow around the room, I suggest moving the credenza to the wall by the closet. This will give more space when opening the closet doors and create a storage area instead of a seating area. I wanted to make the wall behind the desk a big focal point so I suggest a pair of bookcases with framed art in the middle. This will make a big statement in the room. Mount the picture ledges on the wall just to the left of the door. For the extra seating, I suggest having accent chairs facing the desk. These are small chairs so 2 work here or just 1 if you want more space.

option 1

This rug is one of the options for your work office I presented earlier. I love the color and pattern in it and it could make a big statement in the room. I replaced the ceiling fan with this modern black pendant. Every room needs a pop of black and this is a great spot. The bookcases are actually from Crate & Barrel and are in the same collection as your desk.

Practical and functional chair in a sleek black to pair with the ceiling light.

A casual chair in a light color to take up less visual space in the room.

Theses bookcases will be a great place to store books and your favorite odds and ends.

option 2

This option has a warmer color scheme with lighter accent colors. The light has a fun pattern and is around the same size as the black pendant from option 1.

This chair is a very comfortable, yet formal, option.

This acrylic chair is a nice modern contrast against the upholstered chair.

These bookcases are a great way to add height to the room.

Get The Look

Tarran Upholstered Arm Chair


Strut Teak Bookcase


Linneus Light Pendant


Safavieh Vintage Oriental Rust Distressed Silky Viscose Rug


Pan Rug - Safavieh


SOHO Tall Back Ribbed Management Chair


sidera white chair


luna capiz pendant


Charcoal Heathman Upholstered Office Chair


vapor acrylic chair



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