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Hey Serenity! I enjoyed pulling together these pieces for your dining room! I chose two different chairs--a slipcovered Parsons chair for the heads of the table, and upholstered nailhead side chairs. You could certainly do all of the Parsons chair or all side chairs if you don't want to do two different chairs.


I chose a rug that would compliment the table, hide stains, be soft and would go with the overall feel of your room. I included several options on your shopping list in case you aren't in love with this one. The price is also a steal for this rug!


I love the look of the long and narrow Amelia light--I think the length will nicely echo the length of your dining table. I included two alternate chandeliers on your shopping list, one that's a little more funky, and another that's a little more traditional.


I've included a few different chair options on your shopping list that would all look fabulous with the table.

The Bentley side chair (top right) might not be the most comfortable, but I love the look of the wood and metal. Its out of stock currently but will be available for purchase August 14th.

The Piana chair (top left) is a splurge, but I wanted to include it as an option.


All three options are extendable to give you a variety of options for table length.


To the left shows the rug, table, and chandelier drawn to scale. If you decide to get the 8' x 11' rug pad, you will have to cut it down a tiny bit.

I also included a faux hydrangea arrangement for the center of your table.


We do our best to choose items of proper size and scale, but please measure before you buy. If something is off, just let us know! We're always happy to revise.

Thank you for the opportunity to help style your space. I hope you love your recommendations! If you have any questions, feedback or need alternatives for any items please contact me via the chat screen which will stay open for 7 days after you receive this solution. If you would like to be matched with me for your next project you can leave me a 4 star or above rating and also enter my designer referral code of “JulieDaniel“ in your future projects. I look forward to working with you again!

Get The Look

Candace Hand-Knotted Rug, Light Blue


Medford Rug, Denim


SIZE: 7'9"X9'9". If you are up for something funky, I love this. :)
Anyu Flat-Weave Rug, Gray


The price is for an 8x10. There is only 1 left in stock, so if you like it, I'd order it ASAP>
Amelia 8-Light Chandelier, Silver


Busch Side Chair - Silver


Both the silver and linen color would look great!
Dearing Parsons Chair - Set of Two


Grenadier Extendable Dining Table


Snellville Parsons Chair - Set of Two


Reversible Rug Pad


I included the price for an 8x11. You will most likely need to cut it down a few inches.
10" Hydrangea in Vase, Faux


Just an option for your table. :)
Colborne Extendable Dining Table


Ophelie Extendable Dining Table


Frenchie Rug, Taupe


SIZE: 7'10"X10'10"
Lyanne 8-Light Chandelier, Italian Gold


Gabby Percy Chandelier


Bentley Side Chair


back in stock aug 14th
Piana Bea Dining Chair



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