Back Porch
Outdoor Space | 6 Pops

The Solution

Hi Laura!

What a beautiful, large porch area! The length of the space is very long and skinny so we create zones to create a cozy feel and make the space more functional. The first zone is a seating area and the second zone is a casual eating area. The casual eating area is not big enough for a full table and chairs, but still big enough for bar seating. The photos from your Pinterest boards were all very neutral in color, which I wanted to bring into this design. The brick and black windows are beautiful alone so I wanted to keep the focus on them and complement them. The color scheme has black, shades of gray and wood tones to keep with the color of the home. Pops of color are introduced through plants and flowers. Overall, this space will be useful for your small family, kid friendly, and functional enough for entertaining! Thank you for the opportunity to help with your beautiful home!

Heather Hess

Floor Plan

The rug helps create a zone designated seating area. All the furniture is on the rug. Large planters are spaced throughout to add color and texture. The bar seating is along the fireplace wall because it doesn't take up a lot of room and can be pulled out to actually be used as a bar for entertaining. The right side is left open to allow a good walkway.

Overall Look

Having 2 small loveseats will give a good amount of seating and having them face each other creates a great conversation area. Coffee table and end table give plenty of tablespace for drinks and food. The view out the window isn't blocked by furniture either.

Gray pillows to help coordinate with the gray furniture and black accents.

Having a variety of patterns will look inviting and look great together.

Many different shades of grays to complement the color scheme instead of matching exactly.


Outdoor decor is very simple and not very many items are needed. For this reason, black accents are a great choice in this space because they coordinate with the black windows. Pops of black in the decor will make a big impact.

Seating Area

The loveseats have a skinny frame and open bottom to help keep the feeling of the space light and airy. Bulky, closed-in furniture will look visually heavy in the space and feel overwhelming. The rug has a color and pattern that will easily hide dirt and stains. The coffee table is very unique and will be a big statement. The light color keeps it from feeling too crowded in the space.

Wood tones help add warmth to the space and complement the brick color.

This bar area fits the space perfectly with the wood tones and metal frame.

option 2

This option is lighter and the furniture is moved around a bit. The eating area is also spread out and provides closed storage.

floor plan Option 2

The only downside about this option is that the loveseat covers a little bit of the window. This is still a great option and I would highly consider this layout as well! I added a bench along the left side if you want to add more seating later on.

Get The Look

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Lambton Rug


Fairfield Planter


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