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The Solution

Beautiful room, I love all your choices so far! Even though this table is just a small section of the room, it is so important because it is the first thing you see from the kitchen. A large 30x40, framed piece of art is the focal point and is the right size for above the table. Both options will complement your existing living room furniture. Option 1 is modern, symmetrical and full of texture. Option 2 is more minimalistic and introduces different shapes. I'd love to help you choose the perfect pillows for your next SwatchPop! project!

Option 1

The framed artwork is mounted only 2-4 inches above the table. Lamps are layered slightly over the artwork. A potted plant is a perfect amount of texture and life for the left side of the table. A small vignette with a stack of books, black decor piece and succulent plant helps balance out the plant from the other side.

Option 2

The framed artwork is mounted 4-6 inches above the table. The smaller artwork is leaning against the wall and covers about 4-6 inches of the larger piece. A stack of books and one single decorative object is placed on top. This creates a minimalistic vignette, yet full of personality. A task lamp on the opposite side creates a beautiful silhouette in the room and is a piece of art in itself. I do prefer a task lamp on this table because the overhead lighting and table lamp currently in the room provide a variety of white shades and a task lamp will add something new and exciting.

Get The Look

Birds on a wire


30x40, matte black frame
Framed horse print


30x40, matte black frame
Lily framed art


16x20, champagne silver frame
Black task lamp




Nickel finish
Bell jar table lamp


Buy 2
Tut pyramid


Choose black
Potted succulent



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