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Trends To Try: Natural Wood

Design trends fade in and out and deciding which ones to incorporate into your home can be a difficult task. Don’t worry though, SwatchPop is here to help! Let us show you why and how to adapt trends in your home. Today’s topic: NATURAL WOOD.

We are seeing natural wood elements all over the design world. From bathrooms to patios, this trend is popping up everywhere and there is a good reason for it too. Natural wood is classic and durable. It adds warmth, character and texture to a space and complements a variety of different design styles.

Interior Design Natural Wood
Source: Brooke Chamblee

However, the one question you need to ask yourself is “will it look good in my home?” The answer is “it depends”. So many factors need to be considered to answer that question. How many different types of wood tones are in your home? Is the color scheme of your home warm or cool? There are so many factors, but these two are a good starting point.

Interior Design Natural Wood
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Natural wood looks great when it is showcased. Try not to surround a piece with many other wood tones. For example, if you want to add a wood buffet in your dining room but you already have a wood dining table and wood floors that are all different wood tones, it will most likely look too cluttered and crammed. To solve this, switch out your dining table for one in a contrasting color which would allow a new wood buffet to be showcased simply and beautifully. The general idea with this tip is to add wood items in sparingly to make them more eye-catching.

Next, if your home has a cooler color scheme with whites and grays, try using woods in lighter tones to flow with your existing items. Use this same concept in homes with a warmer color scheme (browns and beige) and add in darker and warmer wood tones. The general idea with this tip is to incorporate natural wood in a way that it will flow with your existing home and not completely change the overall look.

The last piece of advice we have for any design trend is to not go overboard. If you want to try a trend but not sure if you will love it, go small. Don’t go and spend thousands of dollars on a large piece of furniture, consider smaller items like trays, accent chairs, sculptural decor, frames or lighting. Take a look at some of our suggested natural wood items to give this trend a try!

Wood Tripod Floor Lamp
Wood Table Lamp
Reclaimed Wood Buffet
Natural Wood Dresser
Drum Table
Dough Bowl
Wood Frame With Mat
Rustic Wood Sconce
Coffee Table With Drawers
Wood Coffee Table With Metal Base
Barrel Chair
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