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Trends to Try: Dark Walls

Paint is by far the most inexpensive item you can buy for your home that will make the biggest impact. One simple can of paint can drastically change the entire mood, feel and look of a room just by painting one wall. One trend we are currently seeing are dark painted walls in almost every room in the house. Read on to see how dark walls can be a trend worth trying in your home!

1. Small Spaces

Bathrooms are a great place to try dark paint because they are small and only a small portion of the day is spent there, so experiment with paint colors! Entryways and mudrooms are also perfect spaces to experiment with dark walls. Make sure to pair them with lighter colors and add a good source of lighting to make it feel welcoming.

2. Dining Rooms

The dining room is often a place that is used occasionally, so experimenting with dark walls works perfect there too. Bold colors in accessories (rugs, wall art, table linens, etc.) will complement the dark walls and make the bold colors really stand out. Dining rooms can be dramatic and dark walls will achieve that!

3. Bedrooms

Dark walls add a sense of coziness and intimacy and big master bedrooms will greatly benefit from this. Bedrooms should strive to be calm and soothing and dark paint will help achieve this goal.

4. Kids Room

Bright, colorful toys and books usually invade a child's room so dark walls will give the room a great backdrop to allow those colors to pop. Dark colors are also gender neutral so this will be perfect for shared rooms or playrooms. BONUS TIP: Use chalkboard paint on an entire wall to achieve this trend and provide an art space for the kids at the same time!

5. Living Rooms

The majority of living rooms being built these days are open concept floor plans which means most living rooms do not have very much wall space, but this doesn't mean you can't try a dark color on the few walls you do have. Dark paint in these rooms will act as more of an accent wall and will really highlight white trim, baseboards, windows, fireplace, etc.

6. Kitchens

White kitchens are very popular because they are light and bright, but every room needs some warmth to keep them welcoming and inviting. Adding warm wood tones or dark painted walls can help achieve this. Dark walls in open shelving kitchens are beautiful with simple, solid dishes on display. Make sure to try this trend in a kitchen with plenty of windows and natural light to avoid making the kitchen seem smaller and closed in.

Choosing the perfect paint color is the biggest dilemma for this trend, but don't worry because we have picked our top 6 favorite dark paint colors for you to try on your walls!

Are you ready to give dark walls a try? Let our professional interior designers pick the perfect paint and wall decor for your home in just 3-5 business days! Our virtual design services start at just $49.95, so get started today!

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