Simple Tips to Refresh Your Bedroom


Ready to give your bedroom a new look but not ready to invest in a full makeover? A few small updates throughout the room can create a fresh, new look without spending a ton of money. Read on as we share 5 of our favorite updates for a quick bedroom refresh.

Paint the Walls

Paint is one of the most inexpensive ways to drastically update a room. If you want a bold, dramatic look go with a dark wall color or a bright, crisp white if you want a fresh, modern look.

Bedroom Refresh Paint The Walls
​Source: Little House of 4

Bedroom Refresh Paint The Walls
​Source: Emily Henderson

Rearrange the Furniture

Consider moving the bed to another part of the room. Often, the first thing people do is place a bed along the longest blank wall, but actually the bed can look great in front of a window too. Try different arrangements until you find one that works.

Bedroom Refresh Rearrange the Furniture
​Source: Alice Lane Home

Bedroom Refresh Rearrange the Furniture
​Source: Thou Swell

Switch Up the Bedding

Changing out the bedding is the most popular way to update the look of a bedroom. For a big change, switch out the entire bedding collection. For a small change, switch out the decorative pillows and add a new throw to the end of the bed.

Bedroom Refresh Switch Bedding
​Source: Studio McGee

Add Seating

A simple chair or bench can automatically make a bedroom feel more inviting. Even the smallest of bedrooms can make room for a sitting area. Consider a bench at the end of the bed, a pair of chairs along an empty wall or even switching out one of the nightstands for a chair.

Bedroom Refresh Add Seating
​Source: Krista Home Design

Update the Bedside

Adding new bedside lighting can make a big impact in a room. Wall sconces or hanging pendants are great options to consider. Another quick update for a nightstand is to switch out that old alarm clock for a new one.

Bedroom Refresh Updated Bedding
​Source: Mead Quin Design

Bedroom Refresh Updated Bedding
​Source: The White Company

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