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The Secret to Mixing High-End and Low Budget Items Like a Pro

Budgets come in all sizes but they all share one common goal: to get the most for their money. So whether your budget is incredibly high, really low or somewhere in the middle, we want to share one of our best secrets to get the most for your money…… MIXING high-end pieces with budget-friendly items. Read on as we share why it works and our secrets to mixing like a pro!

Why does mixing give you the most for your money?

Mixing high-end with budget friendly pieces allows you to splurge on certain items you absolutely love because you are saving money on other pieces in the room.

Source: Studio McGee

What high-end items should you splurge on?

1. Investment Items

These would be pieces you will be using over a long period of time. Take a living room for example: the main seating would be a great place to use high-end pieces if you choose timeless colors and styles that will last forever. Other large pieces you can splurge on would be a bed, chandeliers, wall art, large dressers, bookcases or console tables.

2. Something You Absolutely Love

You know that feeling when you fall in love with something in a store but decide not to buy it but then you keep thinking about it later. Those are the items we are talking about. Those pieces that you can’t get out of your head and you just have to have them. Those items are worth splurging on if you can do it.

What should I save my money on?

1. Styles and Colors You Are Experimenting With

Splurges are best used on things you know you will love 10 years down the road. Save your money on items that could not transition to a new style or color scheme if your likes change in the near future.

2. Smaller Pieces

As much as we believe in the power of styling, we know that styling can be done affordably so this is a great place to save your money on. Budget-friendly decor objects, books, trays and plants are the perfect solutions to styling on a low budget and leaving a good chunk of your overall budget to bigger items you want to splurge on.

Source: Becki Owens

How do I mix them?

This definitely depends on your overall budget. If your budget is low with lots of budget-friendly pieces, 1 or 2 unique pieces would be a great place to use high-end items because they will make a statement. If your budget is more on the higher end, fill in the smaller odds and ends with budget-friendly pieces. But honestly, there is not an exact rule for mixing because the ultimate goal is to have a space YOU love so YOU must decide what items you want to splurge on and what items you want to save on. As long as you stay on budget in the end and are proud of your home, that is the only right way to mix!

See Mixing in Action

But wait……… we want to show you mixing in action! Here is a console table with all high-end pieces and an overall budget of $5,400.

We took the same design concept and made it extremely budget-friendly with an overall price tag of $1,200.

Now here is mixing in action! For this design concept, we splurged on the console table and faux florals and used everything else from the budget-friendly design. The overall budget of this one was $3,200.

This example shows that you can invest in high-end items, get the overall look you want and still stay within a certain budget if you learn how to successfully mix! What area in your home are you going to try out with this mixing method?

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