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5 Tile Trends for 2020

Everyone wants to know what the hottest trends are going to be this year, and we have the insider secrets for 2020.

Tile is one of the biggest design decisions for any bathroom or kitchen makeover, so we've rounded up the newest trends to keep your space feeling fresh and current.

We partnered with one of our favorite tile resources, Jeffrey Court, who has amazing tile collections available at Home Depot. Get ready as we share all the hottest trends you need to know for your home projects in 2020!

Jeffrey Court Tiles for 2020

#1. A New Spin on Classic Marble

Marble is always a timeless tile choice, but in 2020 we'll see some new variations that make a bold statement. Think oversized, various shapes and deeper hues to take a classic stone and create a space that's elevated and out-of-the-box.

While you can't go wrong with a classic carrara marble, our designers are loving the striking and dramatic effect of Nero Marquina. The black with contrasting white veining is such an impactful and time-honored look.

We're also drawn to the deep hues and moody movement seen in Bardiglio marble.

You'll also see more than the standard subway tile shape next year. Squares and hexagons are making a major comeback and we love the colorblocking seen with this Kensignton mosaic marble.

#2. Go Big or Go Home

Oversized tiles are a big trend (pun intended) for 2020. They create a classic look, on a larger scale. Set aside your vision of standard tile sizes and move on up to something a bit more unexpected. To try this trend, select colors and textures that you're typically drawn to in the standard size and increase the scale to make a bigger statement.

#3. Color is In

Neutrals have their place, but some spaces need an extra pick-me-up. Colored tiles can be that one detail that makes all the difference.

We'll definitely see more colored tiles replacing standard white in 2020. Some designers are incorporating bright and bold pops of color, while other projects call for dark and moody hues. Remember, a little color goes a long way when it comes to tile.

#4. Make a Statement with Wallpaper Tile

We all know the impact wallpaper can have in a space, and in 2020 we'll see how tile can make an even more powerful focal point. This year you'll see tiles transforming a whole wall to create a huge statement. This trend is one of our personal favorites and it's going to be huge!

#5. Stay Timeless with the Classics

As much as we love to make a statement, there is a time and place to keep it timeless and classic. Although it doesn’t seem like a ground-breaking trend, it is a great reminder that simple, neutral tiles are ALWAYS on trend and ALWAYS a good idea.

The best part about Jeffrey Court tiles is that they are available at Home Depot, which makes them incredibly convenient for everyone and every project. Which one of these tile trends will you incorporate this year?

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