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5 No-Fail Styling Tips to Finish Decorating Your Home

Have you ever given a room a makeover and it still didn’t feel “done”? Nine times out of ten it is because the room isn’t styled. Styling is the last step in the entire design process and it is what ultimately makes a house a home. The art of styling is so powerful, which is why we want to share our top 5 no-fail tips with YOU!

#1. Group Items Together

There is a time and place for a single home decor item to be in the spotlight, but styling most often works best in numbers. Use this tip when styling a tabletop with trays, picture frames, candles, objects, sculptures, etc. You can also use this on a bigger scale when styling furniture, for example: grouping an accent chair with a rug, end table and table lamp. This will make the room feel inviting, lived-in and cozy. Make this super simple and quick by pulling together items you already have on a surface and creating groups!

Grouping items together

#2. Add an Unexpected Textile

We always love to add an unexpected element to a room and textiles are one of our go-to elements. Why? Because they can be colorful, patterned, an interesting texture, inexpensive and temporary. Some examples of these textiles could be throw pillows, throw blankets, window treatments, rug, chair or bench upholstery. How do you make these textiles unexpected? Use a fabric that has a contrasting color to the room, a unique pattern or fascinating texture. These are unexpected and will make the room feel more custom, styled and full of interest compared to a room that is all matchy-matchy.

Interior design textiles

#3. Include More Accent Furniture

The big furniture in a room are extremely important but adding a few extra small, accent furniture pieces are going to help the room feel layered and styled. Try adding an ottoman or pouf to a sitting area. Maybe add a pretty bar cart, bench or console table along a blank wall. Consider a pair of stools in front of the fireplace or flanking a dresser or credenza. Remember: styling doesn’t have to just be small tabletop decor, small pieces of furniture are amazing styling tools!

Accent Furniture

#4. Add a Dash of Green

Plants definitely make our list for favorite styling tools because they add so much color, life and texture to a space. The best part is that plants are not one-size-fits-all. Need a big space styled? Try a large floor plant. Need to add another small item when grouping decor? Add a small potted succulent. Can’t keep plants alive? Buy artificial plants. There are so many options when it comes to styling with greenery and it is our quickest and biggest impact styling tip!

Dashes of Green

#5. Display Something Personal

You can have the perfect furniture and the perfect accessories but if there is no life in the space, then what is the point? If you really want to style your house and make it feel “done”, then add something that shows your personality. It could be as easy as a family photo in a cute tabletop frame, a stack of hardcover books from places you have traveled to, a framed piece of artwork drawn by your child or a blanket made by your great-grandma that is draped over the back of a chair. Tell a story and use styling to help do so!

Personal Art
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