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3 Quick Updates for a Guest Bedroom

The holidays are quickly approaching which means guest bedrooms all over the country are prepping to be occupied. Is yours ready? Don’t worry if it isn’t, because we are sharing 3 quick updates that can totally transform the functionality and look of a guest bedroom.


Style the nightstand with a small trinket tray or dish for jewelry and keys to add functional and stylish storage. An alarm clock is always a good addition to a guest room or take it one step further and place a mini voice assistant device on the nightstand for extra convenience. Print off the household wifi password on a small card for easy convenience and always finish it off with fresh flowers!

Guest Bedroom Nightstand
Source: Love Grows Wild


Every room needs a place for people to sit, relax and set a purse or luggage on. This can be an upholstered chair in a corner or bench at the end of the bed. Even the smallest of guest rooms can switch out one of the nightstands for the convenience of a small chair.

Guest Bedroom Seating
Source: Coastal Living


Bedding takes up a large majority of a guest room, so switching up the bedding will make a big impact. It can be as simple as an extra folded quilt at the end of the bed for extra warmth or a pop of color or pattern. If you want more of an impact, switch up the throw pillows too.

There you go, 3 quick updates for a guest bedroom! Even the smallest of changes can make a big impact on guests. BONUS: It will make you, the hostess, feel more prepared and excited to share your newly updated guest bedroom with others. Which update are you going to tackle today?

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