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10 Items to Style Your Kitchen Island With

We get asked a lot of decorating questions here at SwatchPop and how to style kitchen islands is a popular one! Since the kitchen is the heart of the home and the island is the focal point in the kitchen, the accessories you put on your island are going to be seen ALL.THE.TIME. which makes them pretty important. So, what accessories can you style it with? We are making it easy and sharing our top 10 styling items you can use on your kitchen island!

#1. TRAY

A tray is a great tool to keep your island organized by corralling all the things. They come in a ton of different colors, styles and textures for whatever style your kitchen is.

#2. VASE

Whether it is one single vase with greenery or a set of 3 decorative vases, these are our go-to for kitchen islands. Go for a contrasting texture if you want a neutral look but still eye-catching or go for pattern and color for more of a statement.


Candles are the perfect additional to any island because it adds smell and light to your space. Go big if you have room or small if you just want to add another layer in.

Source: Rach Parcell


Another tool to organize your island is a bowl. Make it big to hold fruit, vegetables or table linens. Make the bowl cool and interesting by using contrasting textures and colors to your countertop.


Sure, cutting boards are for chopping food but they can also be used as a tray when not being used for that. They add so much texture! Plus, they look completely natural left on the island because they belong there.


This is where you can add height to your island! Swap out your tray or cutting board with a cake stand. Put treats, fruits and veggies or just lay some neatly, folded linens on top. This will take your ordinary kitchen styling to something special and unexpected.


We love styling kitchen islands with practical pieces so displaying your best, or most used, dishes seems like an genius idea. Make sure to keep the dishes cohesive and next to a decorative piece (vase or bowl) so they look intentional and not like you forgot to put them away.

Source: Studio McGee


Another practical styling tip is to display pretty linens on the island. Patterned cloth napkins or colorful hand towels neatly folded is a great layering tool that adds so much texture and softness!

Source: Pinterest


We love to use books in every room and the kitchen is no exception. You could stack a few beautiful, hardcover cookbooks next to a tall vase with a recipe box or folded linens on top. You could also use a book stand and display one of your favorite recipes for a pop of color.

Source: Tom Howley


Canisters aren't always just for your pantry. If there is something in your pantry that you constantly use (sugar, salt, etc.) put that one out on display. Just make sure you don't put the entire set of 5 canisters out or else it will look like you forgot to clean up after you cooked. Or you could set out a set of 3 pretty canisters just for decor!

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