1 Dining Table 3 Ways


The wonderful part about decorating a home is that there isn't only one way to do it, there are a million different ways to decorate! We took one dining table and decorated it 3 different ways to share just a few different directions one piece of furniture can go. We started with this beautiful dining table that is traditional with a touch of rustic.

Dining Table Soft and Formal

#1. Soft & Formal

For this look, we started with a very traditional set of neutral chairs. These chairs are timeless and are great investment pieces because they will look great with so many different color schemes and decor. The rug gives a subtle pattern to the room while also being a neutral anchor piece to allow the floral window treatments to really pop. The lighting makes a big statement in the room and the wood element pairs perfectly with the wood table. Overall, this room gives a soft and welcoming approach with a formal look that is perfect for dinner parties and holidays.

Dining Table Farmhouse Feel

#2. Farmhouse Feel

This look has two strong patterns in the rug and window treatments that play really well together because they are different sized patterns and different styles while still being in the same color tone. Mixing up the chairs adds texture and contrast to the space. Overall, this room gives an casual and inviting feel through the furniture but the decor provides a sophisticated look.

Dining Table Farmhouse Feel

#3. Colorful & Fun

This look is bold, modern and just fun! The traditional table works in this space because it adds warmth against all the sleek, modern pieces. The rug makes the biggest statement in the room and gives a beautiful anchor for the rest of the decor to play off of. Acrylic chairs work perfectly here because they don't take away from all the bold pieces and allow the striped bench to really pop. Overall, this room screams happy and gives a place you will want to have dinner parties in or even just breakfast alone!

There you have it! Three different ways to decorate around one dining table. We’d love to help YOU with your home decorating projects! Whether your room needs a quick refresh, or a complete overhaul, the SwatchPop! designers will create a look you’ll love in just 3-5 business days, starting at only $49.95! And yes…your SwatchPop! design includes a clickable shopping list of products handpicked for your style and budget. What’s next on your decorating to-do list? Get started!


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