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1 Bathroom 3 Ways

The best part about decorating a home is that there isn't only one way to do it, there are a million different ways to decorate! We took one simple bathroom and decorated it 3 different ways to show you the power of decor. Now, get ready to be amazed at how different one bathroom can look by switching up the decor!

We started with this simple vanity by Home Depot:

OPTION #1: Dark + Dramatic

Bathroom Remodel - Dark and Dramatic

Bathrooms, especially powder rooms, are a great space to experiment with wall color and be bold. This first option is a good example of the power of paint. The color scheme is a classic black and white combination with a fun pop of color in the hanging plant. The polished nickel accents really pop off the black wall. The matte black faucet is an unexpected mixed metal look that takes this space to magazine worthy!

OPTION #2: Fancy + Fun

Bathroom Remodel - Fancy and Fun

Like we said, bathrooms are the perfect place to experiment with color and this option is another great example. The wallpaper is bright and provides a beautiful backdrop to display colorful art and accessories off of. The mirror is simple with an infinity frame to let the attention fall onto the wallpaper and decor. This option could easily take a casual look but the gold accents take the bathroom to full on fancy!

OPTION #3: Bright + Beautiful

Bathroom Remodel - Bright and Beautiful

We love a bright, neutral farmhouse look so we dedicated our third option to just that, except with a big pop of color. A white shiplap wall is usually a good idea and in a small space like a bathroom it is a great solution to add dimension and character. Black and white is a classic color scheme which allows the colorful piece of art to be a bold statement.

There you have it! Three different ways to decorate a simple bathroom. Need help decorating your home? We’d love to help YOU! Whether your room needs a quick refresh, or a complete overhaul, the SwatchPop! designers will create a look you’ll love in just 3-5 business days, starting at only $49.95! And yes…your SwatchPop! design includes a clickable shopping list of products handpicked for your style and budget. What’s next on your decorating to-do list? Get started!

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